Career as Full Stack Developer vs Data Scientist

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The technical field is considered the most prominent career. There are many job roles available with good pay packages. Anyone who wants to switch careers from a non-IT background can consider IT as their career.

However, two major options are highly prioritized. Full Stack Development and Data Science. Confusion prevails in minds on choosing between these options.

When you’ve made up your mind to break into an IT career then you must know that you’ve to ride a long journey with hard work, patience, and perseverance. For that, your interest, passion, and strength should be aligned with the course you’re going to pursue.

Here we’re going to give you an understanding of Full Stack Developer and Data Scientist with a comparison on certain points. You can pick the one best that suits you.

Concept Understanding

Full Stack developers take care of the user experience by creating and maintaining websites and web applications. A creative and team-oriented career with the opportunity of handling both front-end and back-end projects.

Data Scientists are responsible for collecting and organizing information and converting it into useful data using calculated algorithms. The resultant data is used for analysis to create artificial Intelligence-like tasks to simplify the process.

Full Stack Developer vs Data Science

  1. Skills & Languages

Web developers work with an entrepreneurial spirit as they need to handle the projects. A person with creative thinking and an interest in programming should opt for Full Stack Developer. It requires working on the front-end look and back-end database of websites and applications. You can master it in 6 months. As a Full Stack Developer, you’ll learn programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, Python, SQL, and more.

Data Scientists work as critical thinkers with analytical minds. Maths and Statistics must be the core strength because they have to work on quantitative reasoning. As Data Scientist, you’ll work on languages like Python, JavaScript, Scalia, C/C++, Julia, MATLAB, Apache, and such technical languages that are useful for logical reasoning. 

  1. Demand & Growth Projections

According to Hackerrank Developer Skills Report 2020, full-stack developers are a top-ranked demanded profession. Followed by Backend and Front end developers. It is due to its lucrative nature that it generates a great deal of profit. Ability to handle the whole project, full-stack developers are in great demand in the growing startup ecosystem and big tech IT companies. Moreover, job opportunities are expected to grow by 30% in the next 3 years. It means 1 million new jobs for stack developers appear each year. 

Data Science professionals are in demand because of their ability to analyze data and make informative decisions. According to Analysts’ predictions, Data Scientist jobs will rise by 46% in the next 6 years. Companies hire Data Scientists to take care of their complicated data and make conclusions that will benefit them in understanding market trends. Currently, job opportunities for Data Scientists are lower than Full Stack Developers. The vacancies in Stack profile are more than Data Scientists.

  1. Job roles and Pay Scale

Full-stack developer directly works with the executive team of the company. The roles vary from interest and experience like Junior developers, Full stack developers, front end and back end developers, IOS & Android developers, Business analysts, and software testers.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary package of a full stack developer is 7 lakhs per annum and may rise as high as 17 lakhs per annum.

Data Scientists work mainly around data and create forecasting models. Their roles are Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Statisticians, Business Intelligence developers. 

According to the Linkedin Report 2020. The pay package of a Data Scientist is Rs. 8 Lakhs per annum. One must be accurate with numbers and forecasting to get such high pay. It requires long-term experience to reach this number. 

3-Step Guide to choosing your career

  1. Beginners friendly

Full-stack development and Data Science both require a willingness to learn, hard work patience, and the right strategy. For beginners, who are unfriendly with programming or have a career gap and want to have a creative and dedicated field then they should opt for Full Stack Development.

For the majority of enthusiasts, Full Stack Developer is an entry gate to get into the IT sector and chase their passion with a wide variety of roles to gain experience. 

Data Science is a field that requires a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and data algorithms. It is a more technical and succinct field to enter into IT. 

  1. Personality & Passion

Before entering into any field, it is important to understand yourself. Research and explore fields and identify what fascinates you? 

If you are a person who loves to solve problems creatively and want to help others by providing solutions, then you should think about Full Stack Development.

In a scenario where numbers and data don’t scare you and you are good with digging deep for any problem, then you can be obliged to Data Science. Data Scientists work in a serious mode and hibernate themselves with information, data, and programming algorithms. They are more inclined towards understanding the market. 

  1. Both are appealing

In case, you still can’t get on to the one station, here we provide you with a reliable solution. Full Stack Development is a field that is beginner-friendly because of its easy-to-understand algorithms. If you’re a newbie or have a career gap, then with the right strategies you can master the Full stack developer within 6 months and become job-ready with Big tech companies like FAANG.

As some programming languages are intersecting for both fields, you can opt for Data Science after gaining experience with Full Stack Development. 

This strategy will help you first in identifying your interest and secondly, you can acquire more experience to get high-paid jobs in both areas. As facts say, experience matters the most to be a successful person.

It is recommended to go with the option keeping in mind your interest and strength. Moreover, growth prospects should be considered under any circumstances. Pandemic taught us to keep ourselves upgraded because the technical field is growing very rapidly. The demand is increasing day by day in every sector. If you want to be in the IT sector and want a guide on how to break into an IT career then you can read a 5 step guide to switching into an IT career. For a personalized guide, you can fill the form. Our team will connect with you to solve your queries.

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