How to master DSA or Data Structure and Algorithms?

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Data Structure and Algorithm is the core ingredient that secures your career in IT. Anyone wishing to apply to a top tech company must prioritize learning Data Structure and Algorithms. It is the center of discussion in the online coding and interview rounds.

The understanding of DS & Algos fundamentals help developers in solving real problems. Companies look for candidates who have the understanding of real market scenarios, their problems, using available data and programming skills to solve them accurately.

Aspiring developers can’t afford to skip DSA in their preparation. It is neither easy nor very difficult to make your mind fluent in Data Structure and Algorithms. 

So, Before diving into the guiding pool, let’s understand what exactly is DSA and why it is important to learn in order to crack the top companies like FAANG.

What is Data Structure and Algorithms or DSA?

Data Structure and Algorithms is a branch of Computer Science that contains a set of programs to be executed in order to get the desired output.

Data Structure is a location used to store and organize data in a system. Every organization has a defined set of data structures which they use whenever required to avail the desired results.

Whereas, Algorithms are the set of programming instructions to solve problems using data accurately. Algorithms are used to perform certain tasks like search, sort, insert, update and deliver the items in a data structure.

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