Switch to a top product based company

Within 4 months!

Learn everything required for clearing tech interview straight from experts!

What you will learn ?

Algorithmic Problem Solving

We will teach you how to think Data Structure and Algorithms Design so that you are able to tackle complex problems with ease!

System Design

Top companies look for design skills in their candidates. We will teach you how to design large scale systems from scratch

Cultural Fit Round

Apart from checking technical competency, companies also check for cultural fit. We will help you prepare for each of these cultural fit rounds

Meet your instructor!

Pratik Singhal- Instructor

Pratik Singhal (SDE - 2 @ Amazon)

The bootcamp will be taught by Pratik Singhal. He has been working at Amazon as a senior software developer since 2017. He has experience of training over 500 students in various topics including data structures & algorithms, system design, competitive coding.

Previous Batch Results

Neeraj Chaudhary

Ayush Katiyar

Varun Rathi

Frequently Asked Questions


We do provide placement support at the end of the bootcamp.  We will provide you 3 referrals at the end of the course, which will help you get interview at top companies.

Since, we cover the syllabus from the very basic level to advanced level required for clearing interviews, the duration of bootcamp is 4 months with 6 hours of commitment in a week

The classes are held during the weekends

We cover everything related to interview preparation :

  1. Data Structures & Algorithms
  2. Coding Interview Problem Solving
  3. System Design

We have separate batches for both C++ and Python. You can join either one of them depending on which language you prefer.

Yes, we do provide a certificate at the end of the bootcamp

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