Live Full Stack Integrated Bootcamp

Prepare for placements in top tech companies by enrolling in our Live Full Stack Integrated Bootcamp. The only bootcamp which covers both full stack development and data structure & algorithms

Next Batch Starts: 27 February 2020

Duration: 4.5 months

Languages Used: C++/Python/Java + MERN Stack for Full stack development

Class Timings: Weekends 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM Eligiblity: Students & Working Professionals

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Live Interview Preparation Bootcamp

Prepare for placements in top tech companies by enrolling in our Live Online Integrated Interview Preparation Bootcamp

Next Batch Starts: 27 February, 2020

Duration: 4.5 Months

Technologies Used: MERN Stack (Full stack development) + Data Structure & Algorithms

Eligibility: Students, Working Professionals

Registration Closes In


Key Benefits


Guaranteed Placement with money back guarantee

Live Classes

Live Instructor Led Lectures

Flexible Time

Flexible Class Timings


Small Batch Size


3 hour doubt resolution

What will you learn in this bootcamp ?

In this phase we will learn how to make interactive web apps and frontend development using ReactJS. Some of the things that we will study are :

  • ReactJS Overview & Setup
  • ReactJS Components
  • ReactJS Lifecycle methods
  • ReactJS Events
  • ReactJS Router
  • Communication within Components
  • Unit testing ReactJS components with Jasmine

While studying the above concepts, we will be progressing towards completing the project.

In this phase, we will be developing the backend API’s for our final project using NodeJS + Express as our server and MongoDB as the database.


  1. Understanding NoSQL databases and understanding document based storage.
  2. MongoDB Overview
  3. Understanding CRUD operations in MongoDB
  4. Functional Usage of CRUD
  5. Read/Write Operations With CRUD
  6. Schema Design & Data Modelling In MongoDB
  7. Data Structures In MongoDB
  8. Tools To Manage MongoDB

NodeJS & ExpressJS

  1. Introduction To NodeJS
  2. Using NodeJS
  3. HTTP Protocol
  4. Building an HTTP Server
  5. Understanding REST
  6. Understanding REST API Development Using NodeJS
  7. Introduction to ExpressJS
  8. Developing API’s using ExpressJS
  9. Handling Form Data

In this phase, we will be preparing to solve the data structures and algorithm based questions asked in coding interviews. To do that, we will be studying the following topics.


Data Structures

  1. Linked List
  2. Arrays
  3. Stacks
  4. Queues
  5. Hash Table
  6. Binary Tree
  7. Heaps
  8. Binary Search Tree
  9. Priority Queue
  10. Graphs
  11. Disjoint Set Data Structure

Algorithms Covered

  1. Introduction to Big-O Notation and Complexity Analysis
  2. Sorting Algorithms
  3. Two Pointer Method
  4. Sliding Window Method
  5. Tree Traversal Algorithms
  6. Binary Search & Modified Binary Search
  7. Divide & Conquer Algorithms
  8. Graph Traversals
  9. Shortest Path Algorithms
  10. Minimum Spanning Tree
  11. Topological Sorting
  12. Greedy Algorithms
  13. Dynamic Programming In One Dimension
  14. Dynamic Programming Over Strings
  15. Dynamic Programming Over Subsets (using bitmasks)

In this phase, we will be learning how to design large scale systems which are able to handle high load and throughput

Topics Covered

  1. System Design Basics
  2. Distributed system basics
  3. Load Balancing
  4. Caching
  5. Availability
  6. Data Partitioning
  7. Replication
  8. SQL v/s NoSQL
  9. Publisher Subscriber Model
  10. Distributed Data Stores
  11. Long Polling v/s Web Sockets

Case Studies

  1. Designing Ticketing Service Like BookMyShow
  2. Designing Instagram
  3. Designing Twitter


Bootcamp Instructor

Bootcamp Instructor

This Interview Prep Bootcamp will be taught by Pratik Singhal. He had worked at Amazon as a senior software developer since 2017 , after graduating from BITS Pilani in 2017.

He has experience of training over 100 students in various topics including data structures & algorithms, system design, competitive coding.

In his free time, he likes contributing to open source software and has successfully participated in Google Summer Of Code before.
You can connect with him on LinkedIn:

Course Fees

  • With Placement Guarantee*

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Out of the total fees, you only need to pay a deposit of 10,000 (which is refundable in case you don’t get job). Rest of the amount you can pay once you get the job in monthly EMI’s

Since, we cover the syllabus from the very basic level to advanced level required for clearing interviews, the duration of bootcamp is 4.5 months with 6 hours of lecture / week

This course is designed for pre-final year and final year students and working professionals who want a better job.

We teach multiple things in this integrated bootcamp :

  1. Full stack development using MERN Stack
  2. Data Structures & Algorithms
  3. Coding Interview Problem Solving
  4. System Design

For full stack development, we use Javascript along with MERN stack

Yes, we do provide a certificate at the end of the bootcamp

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