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Pratik Singhal

Pratik Singhal

Senior Software Dev, Amazon
Tech interview Preparation Coach

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Helped students get placed in companies like
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Pratik’s Journey with
Software Engineering

Started my journey as a software developer at Amazon and now with close to 5 years of experience, I have worked across multiple projects and technologies.
And in the meanwhile have trained 100s of people in the past and helped them crack tech interviews in top product based companies like Amazon, Zomato, Upgrad, AirBus , Oracle, and many more and achieve their dream job with an average hike in CTC being 125%!


Cleared Google Summer of Code and contributed to Open Source


Landed his first Job at Amazon


Started teaching friends and college juniors competitive programming


Started teaching DSA & Full Stack development to a wide group of students


Till 2021 taught over 1000 students live with over 3 Lakh Minutes of live classes taken

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Train to have them IT recruiters begging you to take your dream job

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Pratik Singhal

Senior Software Developer, Amazon
Tech interview Preparation coach
5+ years of experience

Hi, I am Pratik. I am a senior software developer, currently working with Amazon. I have close to 5 years of experience in software development and have worked across multiple projects and technologies. From working on developing cutting-edge operating systems to developing the software used to manage Amazon’s warehouses, I have done it all.

I have worked on projects which manage billions of database transactions and TB’s of data on a daily basis. Back in 2017, one of my friends asked me to help me prepare him for coding interviews and through guidance and the problem-solving techniques I had mastered during my preparation, I helped him crack multiple interviews within the next 3 months.

Based on my experience of teaching him and a few other people, I realized that despite studying from the best books/resources, almost everybody struggles with problem-solving and concept application.

That’s when I started Live Interview Prep Bootcamp with the aim of helping people to crack tech interviews and achieve their dream job. And today we have trained over 200 students just in the past year, with the average hike in CTC being 125% after the program.

Train to have them IT recruiters begging you to take your dream job

Helped students get places in companies like

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