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Keyur Ajmera

The teaching quality at PrepForTech is amazing ! The main benefit was the problem solving sessions that improved my thinking ability. Would recommend if you are looking to improve your DSA knowledge.


Swati Arora

The support provided by PrepForTech was really good. Improved my DSA skills multiple times during the 2 month training!

Would recommend to anyone preparing for interviews



I learnt data structures & algorithms from Pratik. He is an amazing teacher, his lectures are amazing and this is one of the best investments I have made. Do enroll if you want to learn about data structures and algorithms for interviews.


Akash Pawar

It is one of the best courses that I have taken so far and I like the way Pratik goes through any data structure & algorithms then going through important coding problems related to that topic which helped me improve my though process.



I took the live interview prep bootcamp and benefited a lot from it. Pratik is an amazing mentor and this course improved my confidence and problem solving ability.



I enrolled in the Live Interview Prep Bootcamp and it has been a huge help for me and and has helped me get a better job as well. Would definitely recommend people to enroll in this bootcamp.

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