Our Team

Meet The People Who Will Upskill You

Pratik Singhal- Instructor

Pratik Singhal - Founder & Lead Instructor

Pratik started PrepForTech in mid 2019 with one to one classes for working professionals for preparing for tech jobs. Gradually, with our good results and word of mouth, PrepForTech has scaled up and now provides more than 5 courses with more than 1500 students studied here so far, across the last 1.5 years.


Ayush- Instructor & Mentor

Ayush is super passionate about Javascript & Frontend development. He is the instructor for Javascript & ReactJS. He likes to create technical content in his free time and contribute to open source.

Neeraj Chaudhary

Neeraj Chaudhary - Instructor & Mentor

Neeraj is the goto person for anything related to data structure & algorithms. He is super pumped about coding competitions and about teaching competitive coding and algorithms

Vidhi Trivedi

Vidhi - Educational Counsellor

Vidhi is the educational counsellor for PrepForTech. She will help you with achieving your goal by connecting you with right mentor. For any career related guidance feel free to reach out to her.


Kusum - Placement Incharge

Kusum is responsible for getting you awesome companies and job opportunities. Once you are ready, she will connect you with right opportunities

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